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AERA is home to more than 7, student members, including approximately 6, graduate students and undergraduate students. AERA offers a rich array of programs and services for students through its divisions, special interest groups, and the Graduate Student Council, a standing committee of the Association.

Students interested in exploring opportunities in professional development, mentoring, and networking are strongly encouraged to puruse websites of divisions, special interest groups, and the Graduate Student Council for details.

Keep up to date on happenings and conversations with AERA graduate students around the country. The mission and goal of the AERA GSC are to facilitate, promote, develop, and support emerging scholars as they transition from graduate students to professional scholars. As your chair, I am committed to leading our organization with transparency and vulnerability.

To catalyze our success as students, I also hope to offer more student involvement throughout AERA, provide open access to information, support our graduate student division leadership, and continue to grow our student support network with horizontal and vertical mentorship. I aim to create an environment where we as students can support each other and hold our organization accountable while expanding the graduate student council towards new opportunities.

Croft and Michelle A. The theme calls upon us as education researchers to situate our annual convening at the crossroads of deliberate reconnection. For over 50 years, AERA has been structurally disconnected from the educational communities about whom we write. The time has come for AERA to reclaim the historic possibilities of connectivity and collaboration in educational problem solving and to include organizational stakeholders, both national and local, as full participants in the Annual Meeting.

graduate student council

We will look consciously to our past as we seek to engage organizational stakeholders in the present. Fueled by a federal climate in which the U. The newly merged organization elected its first Latino president Braulio Alonso to serve infollowed immediately by its first Black president Libby Koontz in Urban, ; Walker, As the Supreme Court issued its decision in Green v.

However, if contemporary scholars refuse to relegate history to a remote past, we must ask ourselves: What exactly did education researchers leave when they departed NEA?

Through the lens of presentism, a simple consequence appears evident. Education researchers formally distanced themselves from an organization of educational stakeholders as the country and the world confronted the daunting challenge of creating equitable school policies.

graduate student council

Moreover, they unknowingly disconnected from the decades-old, intentioned organizational collaborations utilized by the ATA that stitched national, state, and local school communities together with education researchers to address widespread problems of inequality Perry, ; Walker, More than 50 years have passed since this structural disconnection. In let us harness possibilities and choose as a body of scholars to reconnect with organizational leaders to examine collaboratively continuing educational problems.

By reconnecting, we do not mean realigning with NEA, but we do mean programmatically engaging with educational organizations. We wish to invite to the Annual Meeting not simply individuals who are members of organizations. Rather, we believe we can make reconnection more effective by inviting organizational leaders who bring knowledge, status, and constituents to critical educational topics and by engaging these leaders as equal-status professionals.

While organizational separation from educational stakeholders may be part of our historical legacy, inviting reengagement can be our current response. What possibilities for new research and problem solving in educational communities could be prompted if we committed, as an organized body of 25, members, to engaged deliberation with organizational stakeholders across the programming in ?

Suppose Presidential, division, and SIG sessions intentionally identified critical topical areas of unsolved educational problems that dominate the public interest, and invited leaders of a variety of educational organizations to participate on the same panels with researchers to address these areas.

We can envision researchers and organizational stakeholders engaging these topical areas with each other and with audience members to imagine new possibilities in research and educational practices, from pre-K to professional schools, both within the United States and beyond our borders into the world.

Although heretofore, Annual Meeting themes have also invoked and engaged the participation of the worlds of policy and practice, the theme seeks to catalyze engagement and collaboration at the organizational level. The intentionality of this emphasis we hope offers new payoffs.

Organizational stakeholders often work in ways disconnected from one another and disconnected from education research. In let AERA take the lead in connecting research findings to the experiences and challenges of other educational and related organizational professionals.

Come join a collaborative educational conversation in San Francisco in as AERA education researchers and organizational stakeholders put research in the service of the educational good.The Graduate-Professional Research Council is grateful for the important partnerships we have across campus.

To apply, you must be a graduate student in good academic standing i. Priority will be given to projects assisting in dissertation research. We encourage students from all majors, disciplines, and backgrounds to apply. We are currently accepting applications! All University of Arkansas graduate and professional students in good standing are eligible to serve! Our mission is to assist in the development of world-class research and cultivate opportunities in research for graduate and professional students across all disciplines.

The Graduate and Professional Student Congress is excited to offer a research funding opportunity to graduate and professional students at the University of Arkansas! Application Deadline: February 21, To apply, you must be a graduate student in good academic standing i. Research Grant Instructions. Research Grant Application. We want to hear from you! Click to take a quick survey on your research experiences at the UofA. Click Here to Apply.Enter your email address. Skip to main content.

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graduate student council

What We Do. Best Practices. CGS Best Practice initiatives address common challenges in graduate education by supporting institutional innovations and sharing effective practices with the graduate community.

Our programs have provided millions of dollars of support for improvement and innovation projects at member institutions. View Best Practices. CGS is the leading source of information, data analysis, and trends in graduate education. Our benchmarking data help member institutions to assess performance in key areas, make informed decisions, and develop plans that are suited to their goals.

graduate student council

View Benchmarking Resources. As the national voice for graduate education, CGS serves as a resource on issues regarding graduate education, research, and scholarship.

CGS collaborates with other national stakeholders to advance the graduate education community in the policy and advocacy arenas. View Public Policy work. Global Engagement. CGS is an authority on global trends in graduate education and a leader in the international graduate community. Our resources and meetings on global issues help members internationalize their campuses, develop sustainable collaborations, and prepare their students for a global future.

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April 17, April 13, All News. Subscribe to our News Network newsletter.Graduate School. The GSC is an organization made up of all nonprofessional graduate students.

The GSC is comprised of executive officers and representatives from each department in the Graduate School. GSC helps set policies and creates programming to support all graduate students at the University of Louisville. Get Involved with GSC. GSC representatives are your fellow graduate students, both Master's and Doctoral. The responsibility of representatives from each department is to attend GSC meetings held monthly and communicate with fellow students within their respective departments.

GSC meetings are held to update students on important information pertaining to them, to discuss graduate concerns, and to improve the graduate experience at UofL. The representatives and officers on the council allocate funds to best serve graduate student's needs at UofL by offering travel grants, research grants, and planning events for graduate students, like our annual Halloween Party.

Talk to your department about becoming the GSC representative for your unit. Check out the current list of representatives here.

Follow the GSC on Facebook. Adviser of the GSC.The Graduate Student Council GSC serves Stanford's graduate student population by representing student interests in University affairs, supporting graduate student organization, and providing community events for graduate students.

The GSC is comprised of 15 elected voting members, 10 who represent Stanford's seven schools and 5 at-large representatives. All graduate students including professional students are can join the GSC mailing list here.

These meetings are open to the public and food is provided. Student organizations can request funds for events that are open to the entire graduate student community. The GSC records detailed minutes of each general meeting that occurs.

The meeting minutes from the academic year can be found here. The GSC has authored resolutions and bills that impact student lives. You can view the resolutions and bills from the academic year here. Skip to content Skip to navigation. Associated Students of Stanford University.

Search form Search. Graduate Student Council. About the Graduate Student Council The Graduate Student Council GSC serves Stanford's graduate student population by representing student interests in University affairs, supporting graduate student organization, and providing community events for graduate students. Connect Facebook. Contact Old Union - Suite Stanford, CA Campus Map.Each college represented at the graduate level will have allocated seats.

Representation is based on the number of programs offered through each respective college.

Graduate Student Council

Three 3 at-large seats will be reserved for other candidates within the nomination pool. Graduate students interested in serving should submit an application packet resume and statement of intent expressing why they want to be involved with this organization and what they will bring to the GSC should they be selected to Lindelle Fraser, Coordinator of Graduate Student Support Services.

Application materials can be submitted electronically to gradcollege atu. Candidates may be asked to complete an interview as part of the selection process. Please direct any questions or concerns regarding the GSC to Lindelle Fraser, co-advisor, at lfraser atu. Campus Map. This menu contains links to information about each ATU campus. This menu contains links to information relevant to future students. This menu contains links to information for student attending ATU.

This menu contains links to parent and family information. This menu contains links to information relevant to faculty and staff. This menu contains links to information for alumni and community members. Graduate Student Council. Close Graduate College. Jump to top section. Bookstore Library Consumer Information. Act Annual Safety Report. Human Resources Give To Tech.The Graduate Student Council exists to serve the needs of graduate students in the College of Forestry, wherever your location and whatever your academic focus.

Securing a place as a graduate student is no small feat, and we want to help ensure that your hard work is rewarded with an educational experience that satisfies your ambitions. The College has an international reputation for excellence in forestry research, and our goal is to help ensure that you experience enjoyable classes, a good working environment, opportunities for engagement on social and research fronts, and other important aspects of life as a graduate student.

Please review the current draft Governance and Mission statement for more information on officer roles and responsibilities. If you wish to provide feedback or comments to the Council, please email us. Graduate students who travel internationally for their research, professional development, conferences, etc. Winter term GSC meetings: - p.

Minutes are available here. Fall meetings were held on Oct 16, Oct 30, Nov 13, Dec 4. Skip to main content. Home Page Graduate Student Council. Discussion Forum.